The Montpelier’s Back Room Cinema is a unique proposition amid London’s vibrant network of small independent cinemas. Hidden away at the the back of a neighbourhood pub in South East London, the cinema sits around thirty people and is dedicated to bringing the local community the best in independent cinema for less than the price of a pint. As such the Back Room Cinema has established itself as a cinematic hub at the heart of one of London’s most creative neighbourhoods since first opening its unassuming blue door in 2010.
Reflecting the pub’s commitment to support smaller companies and passionate producers the Back Room Cinema’s programme has always championed those filmmakers who work outside of the mainstream, showing films from all over the world on the strength of their creative merit rather than the breadth of their media profile. This loyalty to the little guy has helped the Back Room Cinema build a loyal following of open minded film lovers and, over the past few years, attracted a number of likeminded guests.

Q&As have come from a diverse array of actors, auteurs and creative exponents, from UK Garage icon Sticky to national treasure Olivia Coleman, whilst one-off screenings have been curated by the likes of Slam City Skates, Heavenly Records and Caught By The River. Alongside this seemingly endless schedule of individual events the Back Room Cinema continually works on its own programme, helping bring the broadest selection of films to its small but perfectly formed screen.
The Back Room Cinema also serves the local community with a 30 seat screening room that’s free to hire. If you’re a filmmaker with new work to show, a production company wanting to organise a Cast & Crew get-together or a celluloid freak with an original idea for a film club please contact us here at The Montpelier and we’ll see if we can help.


BRC . Est. 2010.

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